Here at the International Film Institute of New York, we expose students to all aspects of filmmaking and empower them with the tools to choose their own path. In this video, students discuss their future plans after taking our signature Summer Five-Week Intensive Program and how the IFI opened their eyes to all facets of the filmmaking process. As you'll see, the IFI confirmed everybody's interest and potential in filmmaking, while some of our students learned they were interested in directing, editing, writing or even utilizing their newfound skills to teach others! Where will your epic story lead you after you join the IFI?" 


MAY 2016 - VIDEO

Curious what you might learn if you take a class at IFI? Watch our new video in which students explain the most important lessons they learned during our program, including successfully working as a team, how to light a scene professionally, and realizing your vision.  As one alumni articulates, the first scene may feel shaky, but by the fourth scene it all starts to make sense, thanks to our fabulous professors.  The best way to learn is to actually shoot something.  Our students “dare to dream, and think grand.” Although it may be “a lot of hard work, it’s worth it.” 

Our students have already articulated why they chose the International Film Institute of New York, which you can see in our Why IFI video.   Now watch them explain what their favorite part of the IFI process was!  
Each IFI student has an individual style, and we do our best to understand and cultivate their vision to provide them with the materials and guidance necessary to create a short film.  Our students praise the comprehensive learning structure and helpful feedback, but it seems they all agree the best part of IFI is the faculty and staff.  One student explains, “the best thing about the program is the people here.  We got to meet so many people who helped us learn and grow as filmmakers.”


The International Film Institute of New York offers an intensive curriculum designed to guide creative minds through the multi-faceted filmmaking process.  In 'Why the IFI,’ students discuss what aspects drew them to the program and why joining the IFI family was right for them. 
At IFI, students participate in every step in the creation of a film: preproduction, production, and post production.  One student praised the intensive program, highlighting the importance of knowing all phases of how to make a film.  Another alumni agreed, appreciating the opportunity to “figure out what [they] want to do within film.”  IFI’s thorough curriculum draws a large international crowd as well, including students from Beijing, Paris, New York, Seattle, Hong Kong and Florida and Berlin, all of whom commend the comprehensive program.  IFI is currently accepting enrollment for our spring and summer programs. 

IFI Reel 2016 from Int. Film Institute of NY on Vimeo.